Decorating with fossils and replicas.

      This page is intended to give you some ideas on decorationg with fossils and replicas  Some replicas (and fossils) are grand enough to display all by their lonesome  But usually the specimen can get a little lonesome all by itself (unless the space it is filling is fairly small.  When a space is larger, you may need several pieces to make the decoration work.  Usually a theme works best in this situation:  like birds, fish, other aquatic specimens, mammals, etc.

      As with the Denver Museum and other pages my intent here is not to go into verbal depth on anything.  But, to let the photos and their sub-titles speak for themselves.  We add new items and information, to the site, monthly.  Be sure to look for page links.  Over half the site (and ALL of the really cool non-product information-like this page) is buried in these page links.  So, just like at the museum, look for all the little things (links) that might otherwise be overlooked.  Enjoy!!!


Oviraptor nest on end table.

Parkinsonia & Placenticeras ammonites & Syphocrinites.

Paroodectes mammal from Messel, Germany.

Trilobite plate from China.

Priscacara fish-Wyoming,  Ammonite composite-SD.

Platecarpus, Chlamys, ammonite composite with lamp.

Placenticeras ammonite with traditional decorations.






























Machairodus skull on end table & Pseudocrypterus.

Drotops - Phacopid trilobite.

Parkinsonia ammonite from England.

Diplomystus fish from Green River, Wyoming.

Hyaenodon skull, crocodile snout, Stylemys turtle.

Mixosaur, cat skulls, with clock and candle sticks.

Lytoceras ammonite with traditional decorations.





























.Machairodus skull on end table & Pseudocrypterus.

Bothriolepis - armored fish.

Smilodon fatalis.

Mixosaur and cat skulls.

Mixosaur, cat skulls with traditional decorations.

Solnhofen Archaeipteryx & Conpsognathus with footprints.

Chlamys with fossil fish and traditional decorations.





























Chinese Manchurochelys turtles. .

Chlamys - bivalves with ammonte & nautilus.

Crinoid plate from Indiana.

Smaller 3 dimensional pieces:  cats, turtles, cones.

Grallator footprints-France..

Three dimensional pieces in curio cabinet.