Paleo Artist - Greg Sweat.

         We are setting up this page to give you a taste of other paleo artists.  Everyone has a different way of expressing the subject.  We wanted to share some of their efforts with you.  We will give you the artists name and contact information and a way to view more of their products where possible.  Our website is not just about us and our products.  It is about the subjects of geology and paleontology, in all their facets.  We want to share that passion with you. 

         Here is Greg Sweat's information:  fossilart@centurylink.net; 7915 Windwood Way,  Parker, CO   80134; 720-224-5417.

         We add new items and information, to the site, monthly.  Be sure to look for page links.  Over half the site (and ALL of the really cool non-product information-like this page) is buried in these page links.  So, just like at the museum, look for all the little things (links) that might otherwise be overlooked.  Enjoy!!!