Paint room

This is a twelve foot wall in our paint room where we hang all of our paint masters.  It represents 34 (slightly over half) of our current 63 fossil replicas.  We keep one finished piece on hand for reference in order to insure that there is consistency in how the pieces are painted.  We also maintain detailed written instructions for each replica, as to paint colors, mixtures, and painting techniques.  All of which are critical in delivering a museum quality reproduction.  The casts themselves are created using a high density polyurethane foam or solid resin.  We do not use plaster for any of our casts.  Plaster is a substandard material for creating museum quality casts.  It is heavy, easily broken, and does not take color as well as resin based materials.  We use various stains and artist oils to  color our casts. Each piece is hand painted.  So, each one is an original painting.  Our canvas just happens to be in the shape of a fossil.  The solid resin pieces are usually ones which we obtain, unpainted, from other manufacturers.  We have several solid resin pieces which we cast, including a (two piece) Hyaenodon skull and an Araucaria branch with three cones attached.


When we paint a piece we try to have a finished piece close at hand to insure that no detail is missed.  Because most of the pieces have incredible detail, this is essential for maintaining a high level of consistent quality.  When you buy a fossil replica, you deserve the very best available.  We strive to deliver that product with each piece we make.


To view other stages in the creation of our replicas, please view other pages in this web site.  Also enjoy other products and information on this web site.  New additions, and updates, are made to the site monthly.

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Paint master wall

Diplomystus master and piece to be painted.