Fossils That Got Away!

     Our goal with this section is to showcase some of the beautiful and sometimes rare specimens which we were considering purchasing to make molds and subsequently casts from.  Some of the specimens will be beautiful specimens which are way too expensive for us to consider or too large for us to handle with our limited casting constriants (see discussion on the making of the Placenticeras meeki mold).  Regardless of the reason for not purchasing the specimens, many of them you will not likely see outside of a museum and some of them not even in a museum.  And some of them (like our cast of the "Berlin specimen" of the Archaeopteryx) you will only see as a cast, even in a museum.

     Occasionally, we are able to borrow a specimen from private parties.  Some of these loans take a great deal of coaxing to make happen.  We are still working on the pair of Keichousaurs, pictured below.

     We add new items and information, to the site, monthly.  Be sure to look for page links.  Over half the site (and ALL of the really cool non-product information, like this page) is buried in these page links.  So, just like at the museum, look for all the little things (links) that might otherwise be overlooked.  Enjoy!!!


Pentacrimus astericus - England.

Mammoth tooth - Platte Valley, Colorado.


























A pair of Keichousaurs - China .

Fossil bird's nest - Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado



























Turtle - Green River, Wyoming .

Syphocrinites elegans - Morocco.